Poll Finds Most Americans Unaware of Energy Effficiency Incentives

Rebates, tax credits and other financial incentives are available to encourage Americans to use energy more efficiently, but few people are taking advantage of those incentives, says a survey conducted by Harris Interactive. A blog published in the Los Angeles Times talked about the survey, which was conducted for National Energy Awareness Month (October).

Half of the survey’s respondents said they had made home improvements to save energy and money, but 71% said they did not take advantage of rebates, tax credits or other incentives, and 61% said they did not know that such incentives existed, the newspaper said.

Information on energy efficiency incentives can be found at DSIREUSA.org, an online database founded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The database allows users to search for incentives in their area. Results can be viewed by state, type of incentive, specific technology, and whether the incentive is for a home, business, school or government entity.

Heartland has an expanding energy efficiency program that includes a strong education component. We hope to increase our customers awareness of the energy incentive options available to them.

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